• Higher incidence of irregular menses and lower chance of conception*
  • Response to fertility medications is less than optimal*
  • Pregnancy rates with in vitro fertilization are lower*
  • Uterine lining is less receptive*
  • Higher rate of miscarriage*
  • Pregnancies are more complicated*
  • More difficult to conceive while suffering PCOS

* The American Society for Reproductive Medicine Practice Committee – “Obesity and Reproduction” – journal, Fertility and Sterility

"I was shocked by how many inches I lost in the first week and how much more energy I had. I am prepping my body for an embryo transfer and finally have hope again that I can safely conceive without spending nine months sleeping! I can’t wait to see how I feel after an entire month on this program!"

Alice Crisci

Co-Founder FertilityAnswers, Cancer Survivor and Single Mom by Choice

Robert Grantham of Life as Imagined and Alice Crisci of Fertility Answers discuss a proven effective Keto approach to addressing weight and fertility for men and women.

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Time For A Change?

The root cause of PCOS is Insulin Resistance...we can help! 

67+/-% of Americans are overweight, with 39+/-% obese.  Consequences may include:  PCOS, Reproductive Challenges, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep disorders,  cancers, inflammation, and more.  If not afflicted with today, it may be in your future…we can help!

Losing just 10% of excess body weight can impact your healthwe can help!

Losing weight  the “wrong way” may result with declining health, and a predisposition to gaining the weight  back.  Today's market is inundated with companies promising results; many have been around for decades, while others  try to capitalize on America’s health crisis;  yet the problem grows…we can help!

What to Expect from Life as Imagined?


Our scientifically-based, medically developed program helps restore the body’s response to insulin, addressing a primary consideration to impact PCOS; and the potential for conception, healthy pregnancy and life thereafter.

  • Free personalized consultation
  • Participate from home (safety, privacy, convenience)
  • Program is easy to engage, manage, and succeed with
  • NO starving, exercise, calorie counting, shots, or medications
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching
  • Member portal, tools and resources
  • Easy to prepare, tasty, Life As Imagined products compliment your own store bought foods
  • Amazing results start week 1: burns fat, preserves muscle, impacts hormonal balance, improves metabolism,
    de-toxification, increases energy and vitality, eliminates hunger and cravings

How Much Will My Transformation Cost?

What can it save?

Losing weight the “right way”, and learning how to keep it off, means investing a bit of time, energy and resources into yourself. Are you worth it?

Life As Imagined is a partial meal replacement program, so while on protocol costs are substantially offset through savings realized by not purchasing some of your typical foods. For many, this results with low to no increase in monthly expense.

Upon reviewing your health profile, your Life as Imagined coach will be able to share your exact program cost, prior to enrollment. The fact is, everyone is unique: goals, body composition, metabolism, hormonal constitution, age, lifestyle, underlying conditions, etc. As such, individual program pricing may vary slightly, and yours will be among the most cost-effective (per wellness gained, and pounds of fat lost) of any in the world. And, you’ll be on our protocol for less time than with many other “programs”.

Time for Action?

If not now...When?

If you are ready to increase your potential for Healthy Conception and Pregnancy, and/or address PCOS, while improving your opportunity for Lifetime Wellness, we are here for you. No confusion, guessing, or wishing. Achieve timely, consistent, predictable and wonderful results.

Just fill out the simple form below, and a Life as Imagined professional will contact you to share a bit more information, answer any questions, and get the ball rolling.

The next 97 Fertility Answers’ members to engage will receive $50 off the month-one program cost, and enjoy our “Fast-Track to Success” bonus.

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